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Tyler Technologies has acquired US eDirect, a market-leading provider of technology solutions for campground and outdoor recreation management.

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In Maryland, NIC’s innovative recreational reservation technology helped the Falling Branch area of Rocks State Park welcome more visitors and solve traffic issues around Kilgore Falls.

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A Leader in the Outdoor Recreation Technology Space

For more than 20 years, NIC Outdoors has operated as a leader in the outdoor recreation technology space. Our digital solutions work hand in hand with the latest in industry and public policy, providing a modern, flexible and customizable approach for outdoor agencies.

Through proven products such as OneOutdoor and YourPassNow, NIC Outdoors provides all-encompassing technology for licensing, renewal, and registration services, secure payments, enforcement tools for agencies, and touchless reservation systems.

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Our OneOutdoor platform offers a best-of-breed solution to meet the essential needs of the outdoor agency decision-makers by combining proven technology, revenue growth strategies, and government know-how.

OneOutdoor features a user-friendly interface and can be configured to solve agency problems. The platform is flexible and scalable to deliver consistent results and widely trusted for licensing and permits, lotteries and draws, wildlife management, enforcement, safety education, secure payments, and management and administration. The high-performance licensing solution includes hunting, commercial and recreational fishing, watercraft, and recreational vehicle registration and renewals.

As the industry’s most powerful outdoor licensing platform, OneOutdoor has proven success through 12 state partnerships, including Mississippi which was the first state to offer auto-renewal for outdoor license holders. Through these partnerships, 18.4 million hunt and fish privileges were sold in 2019 alone.



Beyond the technology, the NIC Outdoors team provides customized R3 marketing to increase agency revenues through unique, state-specific branding, an industry-leading autorenewal program, proven email automation outreach, and user-focused market research. OneOutdoor also offers real-time analytics, such as data dashboards and customized reporting, to provide insight into metrics, audience, and usage.

The OneOutdoor platform can also be used as a powerful reservations platform with the same flexibility and scalability to solve agency issues. The solution features self-service digital passes and permits, timed-entry permits, secure digital payments, campground reservations, and proven crowd management approaches that increase employee and visitor safety. This feature is part of partnerships with eight states and more than 70 federal properties.

NIC knows outdoor agencies are impacted by actions and policies across state government. With our nearly 30 years of experience and government insights, the NIC Outdoors team understands the implications of policy, rule, and legislative activity, translating broader government dynamics to benefit outdoor agencies and monitoring trends to drive growth.


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In addition to the OneOutdoor platform, NIC Outdoors offers YourPassNow, a touchless, cloud-based park reservation platform that allows visitors to federal and state public lands to make payments and purchase their entry passes and recreation permits online.

The platform was spearheaded by NIC and the National Park Service to make entrance passes to national parks available for purchase online instead of the traditional paper-based, in-person method. In 2020 alone, YourPassNow sold more than 211,000 digital passes.

YourPassNow has deployed in Wisconsin, New Jersey, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Maryland as well as more than 150 federal sites, including Grand Canyon National Park, Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Everglades National Park among others.

YourPassNow features capabilities such as the touchless, self-service digital entrance to lands, unique passes and permits, timed entry permits, and a digital platform to pay for parking. In addition to a user-friendly and flexible interface, which garnered a 99.2% overall satisfaction rating in Maryland, the platform is available 24/7 via online, mobile, and phone calls. The web-based system is also accessible to park rangers in real-time via mobile devices.

Case Study: Touchless Park Reservation Platform Transforms Tourism Experience at Maryland’s Kilgore Falls



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