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State and Federal Health Care Programs Improve Health Outcomes

NIC has seen firsthand the impact that state and federal health care programs have on improving health outcomes for their populations. Through a variety of solutions and services, NIC aids our government partners in making those programs more accessible for everyone through technology. While some solutions are state-specific, NIC has developed two nationwide platforms to help combat America’s opioid crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic.


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In a state’s efforts to curb over-prescription and overuse of opioids, access to prescription data in aggregate is essential for evaluating and improving medication, prescription, and dispensing practices. One mechanism to access such data is a prescription drug monitoring program or PDMP.

Tyler’s PDMP is a powerful public health platform designed to support better-informed decisions delivered by digital government experts. The system includes complete oversight and compliance with the state’s current PDMP system, including statewide mandates.

Our solution allows the PDMP administrator unprecedented access to insightful data sets, such as query history and compliance reports at all levels: state, region, organization, and individual prescriber. Freely accessible data, enhanced by useful visualization tools, is central to the PDMP. As a highly integrated solution, it consolidates disparate information representing treatment options, education, enforcement, and regulatory requirements, as well as prescriber patterns and volumes. All of these data points can be used to enhance public health and improve prescription and treatment practices.

In addition, the Tyler PDMP features RxIdentify, a patient-matching algorithm to prevent doctor shopping, and RxConnections, an integration service that embeds directly into electronic health record workflows and patient records. The solution also offers extensive and flexible reporting at ZIP, pharmacy, and provider levels and superior data visualization functionality.

To learn more about Tyler’s PDMP and how the platform can help state governments fight the opioid crisis, email

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Shortly after the nation’s cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) skyrocketed in the summer of 2020, NIC introduced TourHealth, a rapid, onsite, turnkey solution for testing. The solution was developed with Impact Health and Next Marketing, a partnership with 80 years of combined experience delivering results.

Designed to accelerate COVID-19 testing in communities across the country, TourHealth supports any size community as they shift back to “open for business.” The testing solution uses proven processes and technology tools that enable leaders to make better-informed decisions as they navigate the future.

Powered by NIC’s Gov2Go, the platform includes key features such as:

  • Assessment and engagement. The omnichannel digital solution provides information and guidance on when, how, and who should get tested, including an interactive assessment to evaluate initial symptoms tailored to community requirements.
  • On-demand scheduling and notifications. The user-friendly interface includes the ability for individuals to quickly locate a testing site, schedule appointments, add to the calendar, and receive notifications and reminders through a seamless, one-stop solution that meets consent requirements.
  • Testing and clinical resources. State-of-the-art testing units staffed with credentialed clinical staff are scalable to immediate “hot spot” needs and changing locations. Multiple teams can be deployed with the flexibility to procure and/or administer tests.
  • State and federal health systems integration. Using our labs or one the government partner selects, the platform rapidly provides testing results, statistical information, and engagement back to government public health systems from a HITRUST technology solution.

So far, more than 500,000 people have been tested across the nation, with state contracts in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Kansas, and Nevada. Along with COVID-19 testing, TourHealth is also perfectly positioned to aid with the nationwide distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations. Existing TourHealth testing sites already utilize health care professionals and will be able to seamlessly and quickly add vaccines to their offering as well as test for COVID-19 before vaccination. TourHealth can also stand up new locations with our turnkey solution, providing quick and easy access for the public and less contractual and financial responsibility for the state.

To learn more about TourHealth COVID-19 testing and vaccine administration, visit or email

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