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The Nation’s First Personal Assistant for Government

Gov2Go was designed to provide citizens with access to their government services where and when they need it – at home or on the go.

Gov2Go has more than 3 million users across the nation because it is the most convenient way to interact with the government. Along with some national services, Gov2Go currently works with 16 states and countless localities to deliver services like vehicle tag renewals, property taxes, park permits, and professional licenses.

With features like one-click payments, shopping carts to complete multiple government transactions at once, personalized deadline reminders, and single sign-on with existing state credentials, Gov2Go helps make sure agencies are collecting fees on time and with ease.


image representing benefits of Gov2go phone app

Quick and Low-cost Implementation

Gov2Go is easy to customize for your specific state needs with little lead up time required.

Provides Essential Federal, State and Local Services to Citizens Easily

Citizen experience is at the forefront of Gov2Go’s concept and design.

Designed to Support and Adapt to Technologies

Whenever the next service or newest need is identified, Gov2Go can adapt quickly and push updates without citizens even noticing.

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