Case Study 

Making the trip to the DMV that much easier


“We were hearing reports of people arriving at our Driver License offices at four in the morning, only to have a long line and a long day waiting for them. Inline Online is the solution.”

– Michael C. Thompson, DPS Commissioner

The Background

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety’s Driver License Division (DPS) locations serve an average of 460,000 constituents every year. Broken down, that is approximately 36 total constituents per open station per location per day. The existing DMV reservation process was on a first-come, first-served basis, which translated into long lines at DPS locations and created an inconvenience for citizens.

The Solution

NIC developed a new online scheduling system, Inline Online, in collaboration with DPS. The system gives patrons the opportunity to reserve appointments online and avoid the inconvenience of waiting in line on a first-come, first-served basis. Constituents can choose an appointment type and time based on availability at their desired location, and can anticipate being in and out of the Driver License office within an hour of arrival. In addition, the system provides a new administrative interface for DPS staff. The administration interface gathers metrics to let DPS know how many appointments of each type there are and how long, on average, each appointment type takes for each DPS staff member to complete.

The Results

The new online scheduling system, in its entirety, cost DPS nothing as it was completely funded through the NIC self-funded model. Constituents who schedule an appointment ahead of time, thereby ensuring a time and place they will be seen, pay a $3.75 fee for each appointment made. This payment model has saved DPS over $300,000, and DPS has received 75 percent fewer complaints than prior to the system.