Case Study 

Improving compliance with instant bill presentment

“The user-friendly instant bill presentment service not only provides a simplified payment process, but it modernizes the back-office processing for the agency.”

– Jeff Walker, General Manager,

The Background

Millions of transactions are securely processed each year in Idaho and some of these transactions require citizens to fax, mail or call in payment information to complete the transaction. The objective was to identify a way to eliminate a government service representative from manually processing credit card numbers by phone, fax, or mail and improve PCI compliance.

The Solution

In partnership with NIC, the instant bill presentment service was launched and it allows a government customer service representative to “push” a pre-populated payment link by SMS text or email to the citizen, employer, student, trucker, job site contractor, etc. The citizen receives a text message, clicks the link, fills out the payment information and a notification of payment is received by the government customer service representative. When the payment notification is received, the government customer service representative will update the cash drawer system to release the credential.

The Results

The solution was built from the start as an enterprise solution that can be configured for individualized deployment across multiple levels of government and individual departments (school district, city, county, university, state). Due to the agency engagement in the Agile project management process, there was high confidence that the service design was rock solid and acceptance of the product would occur on the first day of its release. The demand for PCI compliance and simplicity of the service for both the government, employee, and citizen was the driving factor of the solution, and the launch of the service met this objective.