Case Study 

Allowing authorized businesses to search and retrieve vehicle lien information


“I have just used the site for the first time and it is wonderful. My only regret is I won’t get to talk to you much anymore.”

– Lien Status Inquiry User

The Background

The automotive market in Connecticut was experiencing a significant increase in motor vehicle sales, causing an increase in paperwork processing required by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). With a staff of four full-time employees responding to inquiries for lien holder status requests received over the phone, this presented significant challenges. Specifically, the department’s processing of vehicle titles was on a 120-day backlog from time of purchase to the lien holder receiving the title.

The Solution

In collaboration with NIC, the Lien Status Inquiry service was created. It automates the request process from phone calls to real-time online results. The service creates a convenient and reliable method for businesses to search and retrieve lien information with around-the-clock access. The service was designed responsively, meaning it conforms to any device—desktop, laptop, or mobile. The service is available to DMV authorized users only and requires a subscriber agreement to access and leverage the benefits of the online service.

The Results

Since launch of the service, there have been more than 285 authorized users of the service and over 3,850 lien status inquiries have been completed. The support calls received have decreased in volume and the department’s employees now have more time to process vehicle titles. All in all, the backlog from time of purchase to the lien holder receiving the title has been significantly reduced.