Case Study 

Making harvest reporting more convenient for hunters


“Hunters now have harvest reporting at their fingertips while still enjoying the outdoors.”

– Jonathan Kimbrough, General Manager, Alabama Interactive

The Background

The Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources (DCNR) needed to collect more comprehensive analytics to guide the state’s deer and turkey management programs. One area where data collection efforts had been lacking is an understanding of how the state’s deer harvest is distributed across the state and throughout the season. Knowing when and where people are harvesting deer, as well as when and where people are not killing deer, will be indispensable when evaluating the effects of the timing and length of the various types of hunting seasons on both a county and regional basis.

The Solution

DCNR implemented mandatory reporting of all deer and turkey harvests and utilized the Outdoor Alabama Pocket Ranger platform to develop the state’s first mandatory game check mobile application in collaboration with NIC. The mobile application captures real-time, accurate and necessary information from each game harvest and can be used with or without internet access. In addition, hunters can view their full harvest record on the application or email a copy to themselves.

The Results

Throughout the first season with mandatory game reporting, over 82,000 harvests were reported using all available platforms, an 80 percent increase over the previous year. While the large growth is a direct correlation to the reporting being mandatory, it proves the original need for more accurate reporting to manage the direction of the management programs. DCNR plans to use gathered harvest data to guide the state’s future deer and turkey management programs.