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NIC Makes Government More Accessible

We create innovative solutions for governments. Whether a local or federal agency needs a custom solution or a state is looking for a strategic digital government partner, we have the team and expertise to deliver it quickly and effectively.

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Gov2Go – A Powerful Solution for a Better Citizen Experience 

Meet Gov2Go, the government platform designed specifically to improve citizen experience. It provides essential federal, state, and local government services to residents from anywhere.

  • New features are continually added
  • Designed to evolve to support emerging technologies 
  • Keep government tasks in one integrated platform



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We have Vertical Expertise

What do we mean by vertical expertise, exactly? Well, we’re able to improve citizen experience on all levels of government, from local municipalities all the way up to federal government services. So no matter where you need the help, NIC is here to provide you with the government solutions you need.


Who We Serve


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Security for All Government Services

Because of the critical information we work with in digital government, security is always a top priority. NIC makes sure our security procedures follow best practices like employee training, penetration testing, and multiple vulnerability scans, working with the Department of Homeland Security and our state partners to proactively monitor and defend our systems. Our commitment to innovative digital government solutions hinges on our dedicated team keeping them all secure.


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Flexibility and Expertise for Every Agency

Our unique contract model allows agencies to provide intuitive digital services across all levels of government entities by creating one master contract. In most cases, the dedicated, local NIC team is then able to execute specific agreements as part of that contract, thus
avoiding the lengthy procurement process each time. State departments and even local municipalities are able to receive immediate benefits with little to no lead time and without an upfront financial investment.



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