Take control of your PDMP data

NIC's RxGov™ is a completely re-imagined PDMP platform


RxGov consolidates disparate information representing treatment options, education, enforcement and regulatory requirements, and prescriber patterns and volumes.


  • Uses a unique, patient-matching system using machine learning to create links between given name, nicknames, maiden name, etc.
  • Utilizes reliable data delivery with end-to-end traceability
  • Supports business intelligence and population health management dashboards
  • Is an open platform that facilitates last-mile connectivity to deliver PDMP data directly into the prescriber’s workflow, within the context of the local patient record
  • Offers flexible reporting – at ZIP, pharmacy, and provider levels
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RxEngine Data Platform

Complete data process and delivery

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Data Transparency

End-to-end data traceability

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EHR Integration

No separate web portal required

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Data Validation

Visibility into all PDMP data

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RxEngine™ is a scalable data collection, matching, and data access platform for state PDMP data processing and delivery.  
Through the RxGov data validation toolkit, the system has complete end-to-end visibility among healthcare officials, pharmacies, government, and law enforcement. No data loss.
PDMP medication lists and alerts embedded directly in the patient EHR or pharmacy record. With this platform, the need to log into a separate PDMP web portal is eliminated. RxGov uses open APIs and modern app standards, such as Smart on FHIR.
Validate data and potential points of failure in your state’s existing PDMP data platform with RxGov’s data validation engine that provides end-to-end visibility into a state’s existing PDMP data platform. Includes self-service administration of how pharmacy data is received by the system and processed.


RxGov provides a feature-rich user interface, and includes
key benefits such as:


Simple, quick, and repeatable implementation

Short time to value

Cost predictability and visibility

Continuous enhancement without downtime


Utilizes Microsoft Azure

Infinitely scalable

Always available

No aging hardware or data center

Best-in-class data security


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