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  • The low-risk, easy-to-implement personal assistant for government

    By NIC Inc. |

    In the past month, we have been sharing about the nationwide services available on NIC’s citizen-centric platform, Gov2Go. Not only does Gov2Go provide a convenient, centralized way for citizens to interact with all levels of government, Gov2Go is also easy for government IT teams to implement. So easy, in fact, that Gov2Go has implemented 20 additional services in five states just this year. 


    Gov2Go bridges the IT infrastructures of individual departments and agencies, requiring limited reconfiguration. This allows each department to continue operating as before, while still bringing all of a citizen’s government needs into a one-stop government portal.


    Government agencies that place services on Gov2Go will benefit from NIC’s 25 years of experience integrating with backend government systems. This experience is nearly unmatched within the digital government industry. This allows government to deliver what citizens are asking for without consuming valuable resources. Said another way, government can pursue other strategic IT initiatives while still fulfilling citizens’ expectations. The platform is also hosted in a secure and fully managed public cloud to help the platform scale with government as its technology demands evolve.


    At NIC, we focus on creating solutions that deliver convenience for constituents and are simple to integrate. That is what makes Gov2Go a win-win for officials at all levels of government.


    Would you like to learn more about deploying the low-risk Gov2Go platform in your state? Connect with our Gov2Go team to view a demo.

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