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  • The Power of Personalization: How State and Local Government is Changing to Meet Citizen Demand

    By NIC Inc. |

    A shift is taking place in the mindset of government leaders that is being driven by citizen demand. As we embark on “The Age of the Customer,” state and local government entities are exploring ways to provide a personalized and customer focused-experience.  We are entering one of the most profound changes in decades when it comes to how citizens want to interact with government. The challenge is how to anticipate what citizens want before they want it.

    Government might be better positioned to tackle this obstacle than they think. It’s all about access to data and how this data can be used to personalize an experience. NIC Inc. has been developing services that make government more accessible, ultimately enhancing the overall end user experience with government interactions for the past 25 years. While there have been a number of changes in the past 25 years, what hasn’t changed is the fundamental model of how citizens find and consume these services. The citizen is still expected to know what government agency they need to interact with, which form to download, understand what the process is and if a push notification is sent, it is still typically sent via mail which can cause delay. But, not for long.

    During a recent webinar hosted by NIC, General Manager of Arkansas Information Consortium, Bob Sanders stated “The burden is still placed on the citizen to find and use government services. The future will be Citizen Centric, using new technologies to remove complexity and consolidating services. It’s about bringing government to the citizen instead of the citizen searching for government.”

    New technologies are available making the far reach of personalization a reality for leaders at the municipal, state and federal levels. The realization that this will change how citizens access services in the future is no longer a matter how this will happen, but when it will happen.

    NIC as an innovator in the government technology space has developed a personal government assistant Gov2Go to begin to address the issue of personalized service for our government partners.  Gov2Go is the easiest way to keep up with a government to-do list including — property taxes, car tags, voting, and more. It’s a smart app that reminds citizens what's due so a deadline is never missed again.

    Gov2Go takes away the citizen burden by eliminating the need to navigate government or know which agency handles what to get things done. The only requirement is for the citizen to share a little bit about themselves so the application can learn and begin to carefully curate government information and services that pertain to the citizen’s specific needs. The application is completely secure. Information provided by the citizen is used only in the ways the citizen allows. The citizen is in complete control of what is shared and what conveniences are received in return. Information can be added or removed at any time.

    At NIC we are creating the government of tomorrow today. This is just one small step to shape the future of digital government while meeting citizen demand for personalization.  We take great pride in developing and delivering access to cutting edge technologies to our government partners.

    Do you have a new feature idea or a way to improve Gov2Go? We want to hear from you.
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