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  • Gov2Go is now available in all 50 states

    By NIC Inc. |

    It’s not a secret that citizens can often feel confused when it comes to interacting with government. With a host of government agencies and multiple deadlines to keep track of, citizens have been left to navigate the scavenger hunt of finding which agency to go to, which form to fill out, and when the deadline is—until now.


    Gov2Go is the nation’s first personal assistant for government that brings together all citizen interactions with all levels of government. It is eliminating the scavenger hunt by creating a stress-free single access point for all government interactions. Originally started in Arkansas, Gov2Go has gained momentum quickly, and now it is available in all 50 states.


    Now, every state has access to expanded Gov2Go services, including:


    • Election information - Gov2Go enables citizens in all 50 states to see upcoming elections on their timeline, view ballot information, and access the voter registration process in their state.
    • YourPassNow - Gov2Go allows citizens to purchase passes to select National Parks and U.S. Forest sites. 
    • In addition, citizens will receive notifications as soon as Amber Alerts are issued. 


    While these services are currently available in every state, Gov2Go’s capabilities don’t stop there. Gov2Go also offers a suite of core services including tag renewal, property tax, professional licensing renewal, recreational licensing and permitting, and more, which can quickly be deployed in any state, empowering government to deliver a set of citizen-centric services in no time.


    Additional new features to the Gov2Go platform include biometrics capability, giving users touch I.D. login, and one-click payments with securely stored account information. Gov2Go continues to add new features and capabilities to improve the user experience and provide the same convenience as most popular online retail sites.


    Gov2Go is citizen-centric, easy for government to adopt, and proven to work. In fact, more than 20 percent of adults in Arkansas are already taking advantage of Gov2Go. Will you be next?

    Download Gov2Go through the App Store or Google Play.

    Do you work in government? Visit our Gov2Go page to learn more about delivering citizen-centric government to your constituents. 

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