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  • Bringing the DMV to Citizens

    By NIC Inc. |

    We’ve all experienced a long to-do list where it seems like you’re driving all across town to cross off your tasks from the bank to the grocery store, and yes, to the DMV. But now, our West Virginia team is making it easier than ever for citizens to complete transactions with the DMV, without the need to even drive there. Citizens can now “Skip the Line” with the new DMV Self-Service Kiosks.

     DMV Kiosk

    Vehicle registration renewals are one of the DMV’s most requested business transactions, which led the state to ask the question, “How we can make this task more efficient and convenient for citizens?” The answer: West Virginia’s DMV Now Program.


    The DMV Now program is designed to bring the DMV to citizens by placing kiosks in convenient, frequently visited locations such as gas stations and grocery stores. This gives citizens the opportunity to avoid long wait times and interact with the DMV 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


    So how exactly do these kiosks work? The kiosks were created to be user-friendly, with on-screen and narrated instructions walking customers through the transaction. They also have the ability to scan barcodes such as users’ personal property tax receipts and the back of their driver’s licenses, further simplifying the process and saving time. Users can renew vehicle registrations with their decal and registration card printed instantly, renew their driver’s license as long as there are no changes to that user’s information, and print their official driving record.


    To date, the state has five kiosk locations, which have completed more than 5,000 transactions. At just over four minutes per transaction, the DMV Now program has saved customers collectively more than 2,000 hours of time that could have been spent at the DMV, reducing wait times for both kiosk users and DMV offices.


    With this level of convenience, it begs the question, why go out to the DMV when the DMV is being brought to you? 

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