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  • NIC Partners Sweep Best of the Web Top 5 with Focus on User Experience

    By NIC Inc. |
    At NIC, we strive to be the best. This includes being the best partner government has ever had, and creating the best digital government solutions constituents have ever used. But don’t just take our word for it. For the third consecutive year, NIC state government partners swept the Top 5 honors in the Center for Digital Government’s Best of Web competition. In case you missed the announcement, the Top 5 best state government websites for 2016 are, in order: Maryland, Utah, Mississippi and Texas, with Indiana and Nebraska tied for fifth place.

    The Best of Web competition recognizes government’s work in engaging citizens and businesses online and delivering innovative technologies to enhance their interactions with government. The award recipients this year were all about the end user. 

    Let’s take a closer look at the top features of these winning portals:

    First Place: Maryland
    Maryland took top honors in Best of Web for the first time in state history. was recognized for their new, state-of-the-art Enterprise Wide Platform. This platform provides state agencies with a centralized and standardized code allowing for rapid development and deployment of a variety of widgets. This has led Maryland to continue to be among the national portal leaders in terms of usability, design, and functionality. 

    Second Place: Utah
    Since the constituents’ experience is no longer limited to one or two devices, Utah deployed its Extended.Gov Strategy. With the introduction of new technologies, information and services are designed to be available from the newest platforms—moving beyond standard responsive design. 

    Third Place: Mississippi
    The new includes the myTracks feature. This feature allows constituents to drag links that are important to their government experience to a vault for quick future reference. Mississippi was also praised for its use of technology with the new myMS service configured for Amazon Echo’s voice-activated system, Alexa.

    Fourth Place: Texas
    Mississippi isn’t the only state portal focused on getting information to the end users as efficiently as possible. Using insights gained from web analytics and social network interactions, continues to develop its single page state portal. As they learn more about their end user’s journey, continues its path of simplicity and brevity to ensure a successful experience for their constituents.  

    Fifth Place: Indiana
    Indiana’s new upgrades were focused on engaging citizens from anywhere. It integrated geolocation and Instagram so users can interact with government wherever they are. Since the constituents’ needs are a top priority, it also included a LiveChat pop-up after a specific amount of time has passed. 

    Fifth Place: Nebraska is also focused on bringing their visually appealing, clean design to users from multiple platforms. The redesigned website was made with a scalable architecture and framework to produce a dynamic, flexible, and scalable portal with a solid foundation. 

    NIC continues to partner with its states to lead the way in state portal design and user experience. The end users are our top priority when crafting government solutions, and we will always work to provide them the best experience possible. 

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