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  • Protecting Against Corporate Identity Theft

    By NIC Inc. |

    During the most recent NIC eGovernment Leadership Webinar, management from NIC’s Utah, Idaho, Maine, and Hawaii offices shared a new tool that helps business protect against corporate identity theft.

    While the news reports are primarily about individual identity theft, business identity theft is quickly on the rise. The National Association of Secretaries of State and the Identity Theft Protection Association note that when compared to individual identity theft, corporate identity theft offers criminals access to larger bank account balances, allows for larger purchases to be made with less scrutiny, and business identification information, such as employer identification numbers (EINs), is readily available and in some cases even public information.

    NIC has worked with its partners to develop a new tool that will help protect businesses from this type of identity fraud. While the elements of each individual state vary, the tool offers foundational elements such as:

    • Customers are notified within 24 hours of any modifications made to their business information.
    • Data elements that are monitored include name and address of the business, registered principal’s name and address, names and addresses of directors, officers, etc.
    • A single email address receives the notification information to reduce error and fraudulent verification.
    • Subscribers receive an email or text notification that information has changed. Typically the specific change is not noted as part of the notification. Authentication of the account takes place at this step so the subscriber can verify the change.

    In addition to these foundational features, some uses of this service are mobile optimized, while others are connected to additional business-related reminders and alerts.

    Listen to an archive of the Corporate Identity Theft webinar by clicking here.

    For more information on NIC’s Registry Alert corporate identity theft eGovernment service, contact Scott Somerhalder, NIC Vice President of Operations, at 913-754-7045 or

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