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We have led the way in developing the first state government applications for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and skills for Amazon Echo.


With the dramatic growth of mobile and voice command technology, digital government now delivers far more than just Web-based solutions. NIC is helping governments introduce services that harness the latest technology.

  • NIC’s Utah partner launched the first iPhone app for government, Utah License Lookup.
  • NIC’s Arkansas partner became the first state in the nation to offer secure mobile payments for
  • digital government services.
  • On the first day the iPad became available, NIC launched the first official government mobile app design specifically for the iPad.
  • Arkansas and Maryland launched the first official government apps for Apple Watch.
  • Utah and Mississippi launched the first state government skills for Amazon Echo.

At NIC, our teams across the country work everyday to incorporate new and innovative ways for citizens to interact with government.

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Amazon Echo for Government

Conversational user interfaces are transforming the way people obtain information, and NIC is at the forefront of utilizing this technology for government.

NIC's Utah subsidiary, Utah Interactive, LLC, partnered with the Utah Department of Public Safety and the Department of Technology Services to launch the first state government Amazon Echo skill allowing citizens to take driver's license practice exams through Echo's voice-activated command device, Alexa.

In Mississippi, NIC's subsidiary Mississippi Interactive, LLC, and the Mississippi Department of IT Services launched an Echo skill for myMS, the state's custom alert and reminder service. This skill allows users to obtain hunting, fishing, professional, and driver's license renewal deadline information directly from Alexa. The service also ​enables users to access Amber Alerts, obtain contact information for state offices, verify elected officials, and gather state facts.

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