Enhancing the Digital Government Experience

Delivering Great Digital Government

NIC works together with government to enhance the digital experience for constituents - often at little or no cost to government.

Making Government More Accessible

24 hours a day, citizens and businesses want to connect to government for matters large and small. NIC Federal partners with federal agencies to deliver comprehensive digital government solutions that exceed expectations, often at little or no cost to government.


We are transforming the way government interacts with the diverse populations it serves.

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For nearly 25 years, NIC has delivered digital government solutions that benefit citizens and businesses.

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Interested in finding out more? We want to hear from you.

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In a time of budget constraints and constant change, innovative approaches to contracting can create sustainable, long-term public-private partnerships that achieve cost savings and mitigate risk for the government. NIC has unique experience using the OMB-approved no-cost contracting ​model to ​deliver digital government solutions.


  1. Industry Steps Up
  • NIC assumes the financial risk of building, deploying, securing, and maintaining the digital solution.
  • Costs are recouped by NIC through a modest efficiency fee charged to end-users of the digital service at the time of transaction.
    1. Users Generate Funding Stream
  • Because NIC is not paid until the digital service is used, we have built-in incentive to invest in sustainable technology, deploy digital services quickly, and market them aggressively.
  • The collection of efficiency fees creates a sustainable funding stream that is reinvested—allowing for the build out of new program services.
  • Reliance on appropriations is reduced, allowing for government to redirect budget to other mission critical initiatives.
    1. Your Goals Are Our Goals
  • Unlike time-and-materials or fixed-price contracts, NIC doesn’t generate revenue until a digital service is used.
  • We bear the costs of all hardware, software, and development and we are only successful when a service is used.
  • Your goals and our goals are aligned.

    How does it work, how does it look? On a small screen, on a touch screen or no screen? We design for the displays of today, and innovate for the technology of tomorrow.

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    Processing payments securely is one of our core competencies.

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    Our Chief Security Officer leads a security team that helps guide our government partners through the maze of compliance and security matters.

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