Case Study 

Making Business Filings a One-Stop Service


“The comprehensive UCC filing and search system not only provides a convenient filing option for businesses, but also revolutionizes back-office processing for the agency. The service provides a substantial benefit for every party involved in the UCC process.”

– Ian McQuinn, Interactive General Manager

The Background

Accepting and processing UCC filings and searches was a labor-intensive and expensive process for the West Virginia Secretary of State’s (SOS) office. The process was completely paper-based and documents were handled a minimum of six times between different employees before a filing was complete. Printing, mailing, and storing documents was becoming increasingly costly and it took approximately 30 minutes to process a paper filing or search order.

The Solution

The SOS’s office launched a comprehensive UCC service in working with NIC. The service enables businesses to file and search online and the SOS’s office to efficiently process paper filings. A built-in redaction solution provides the ability to securely redact sensitive information from filing documents during processing. All filing documents are stored and distributed electronically during processing and storage of paper documents has been eliminated. Additionally, the service generates certified search orders and copies of filing documents in a consolidated PDF file.

The Results

The UCC Filing and Search service has streamlined the SOS’s office processing of documents, reducing the average total handling time by 25 minutes per transaction (from 30 minutes to five minutes). Nearly 12,000 filings were performed online, which eliminated nearly 5,000 hours of processing time. Also, over 13,000 filings were performed through the new back-office system, resulting in a time savings of over 5,400 hours. More than 5,700 searches were performed, for a time savings of nearly 1,000 hours.