Case Study 

Comprehensive eLearning system to satisfy required employee trainings


“The NIC-Vermont portal has been able to save the state significantly through its eLearning platform. In addition to providing considerable convenience, cost savings, and flexibility for liquor servers at the Department of Liquor Control, the platform saves those respective state departments tens of thousands of dollars annually by moving their trainings online.”

– Jamie Gage, General Manager, Vermont Information Consortium, LLC

The Background

The Education division of the Department of Liquor Control (DLC) brings training and seminars to anyone who needs to know about how to make sure alcohol is used only in safe and legal ways. The DLC requires all servers to be trained and licensed before initial employment, and to complete additional training every other year thereafter. This training was offered in person at disparate training facilities throughout the state at considerable cost to DLC.

The Solution

In partnership with NIC, an eLearning platform was developed and is now hosted with NIC. The eLearning platform is based upon the successful open-source Moodle software. Expanded using SCORM standards, sponsored by the Department of Defense, Moodle is a best-in-practice and cost-effective software driven by a wide network of open-source community software experts. In addition, the Moodle software has allowed the Education division personnel to manage their coursework seamlessly on their own within the platform.

The Results

With thousands of servers statewide required to complete training, the eLearning platform saves DLC thousands of dollars annually. In its first full year, DLC processed nearly 3,300 course registrations and has now reached over 6,000. DLC estimates that the course registrations will continue to grow, reaching upward of 10,000 within the next five years. Due to the tremendous success of the service, the platform has been extended to the first responders for the E9-1-1 Board as well.