Case Study 

Making the Outdoors More Accessible


“Providing access to digital copies of licenses is conceptually innovative and has tremendous potential for increasing government efficiency. In addition, the mobile application allows the citizens of Utah to interact digitally with state government in a way that has never been available digitally in the field before.”

– David Fletcher, Chief Technology Officer, Utah Department of Technology Services

The Background

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) manages and protects Utah’s wildlife. A major component of this function is the sale of hunting and fishing licenses to the public. DWR strives to continuously improve the wildlife experience for its constituents while increasing its internal efficiency. However, there are some inherent issues with providing paper licenses for hunting and fishing online. For example, hunters and anglers wanted to carry as little as possible into the field, and Utah has many remote wilderness areas far away from cellphone towers and internet service.

The Solution

In partnership with NIC, DWR performed a survey of the current technology and looked for ways to provide a leading-edge solution that would make licensing more convenient and still be effective in remote areas. A native mobile application was designed to give individuals and families easy access to outdoor recreation and to be useful in remote areas where there may not be mobile service. At the same time, it also allows game wardens to validate current permits and license. The free service, available for iPhone and Android users, was designed to be a powerful mobile resource for the more than 600,000 outdoorsmen in the state of Utah.

The Results

For license purchases, the mobile application is integrated with DWR’s online licensing system which successfully processed over 583,000 transactions, totaling over $6.3 million in the most recent year. The total downloads have reached over 143,000 and it has been estimated that approximately 25 percent of the target market has downloaded the application, and usage continues to grow.