Case Study 

Connecting veterans and their families to assistance and benefits earned


As home to nearly 2 million veterans, Texas must be at the forefront of ensuring our military members receive the care and benefits they have earned in service to our great nation. The Texas Veterans Portal will help veterans more easily connect with the services they need. I am proud of the Lone Star State’s commitment to our servicemen and women and look forward to continuing our efforts to improve the quality of life for all Texas veterans and their families.”

– Greg Abbott, Governor

The Background

Texas is home to the second-largest veteran population in the nation. The state is committed to providing these 1.6 million veterans with the best possible access to information and resources. The state was in need of a portal to support a diverse user community that is multicultural, multiethnic, multigenerational, and multiabled. There was also a diverse source of content and data spread across eight different agencies. All in all, the state needed a solution to ease management of the portal for the Texas Veterans Commission.

The Solution

In collaboration with NIC, the state launched a complete redesign of the former Texas Veterans Portal. The portal was transitioned into a new content management system powered by WordPress. As more than 50 percent of users were accessing the previous portal via a mobile device, the portal was designed with a mobile-first approach. Open and closed card sorting exercises with the work group and veterans provided guidance for a new and improved information architecture on the new portal.

The Results

Since launch, the portal has received over 50,000 visits, with 47 percent of visitors using a tablet or mobile device. The portal’s average page load time has improved by nearly 30 percent and the average number of pages visited has also dropped from 3.9 to 2.5. This indicates that users are finding information without visiting as many pages as before.