Case Study 

Simplifying the manifest process to protect and preserve the environment 


I thought it was simple to use and easy to understand. The format was user-friendly and easy-to-navigate and follow the instructions. So much better than using paper!

– Steve Muratore, Fleet Compliance Manager, Miller Environmental Group, Inc. 

The Background

Rhode Island is frequently faced with unique challenges when regulating the use and protection of its waters and coastline. To ensure that every pound and gallon of hazardous material generated in the state is correctly disposed of, the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) has traditionally leveraged the federal EPA manifest system. Under this paper-based system, transporters are required to send the DEM either copies of their actual paper manifests or a spreadsheet containing the manifest information, as well as payment for their disposal fees.

The Solution

Through the valued partnership with NIC, an online paperless service was designed to completely automate the reporting and payment process. Hazardous waste transporters can now choose from three digital paths to file their manifests: completing an online form, uploading a spreadsheet containing their manifest data, or through a digital file in a format commonly used in neighboring Massachusetts. The service automatically calculates fees and enforces a significant number of business rules to ensure the accuracy of the data provided. The companies can pay their disposal fees by credit card or eCheck. In addition, the Division of Information Technology built a back-end data repository to warehouse the filings to assist the DEM in generating reports.

The Results

Since the service was launched, the feedback has been excellent from both the DEM and the transporter community. This resulted in the system recently becoming mandatory for all quarterly filings. Since launch, the service has processed over 130 filings containing more than 2,100 individual manifests.