Case Study 

Modernizing the temporary vehicle tag purchase for authorized users


“By automating the generation and delivery of temp tags, the state saw an immediate and significant reduction in fraud while lowering cost and improving inventory control.”

– Angie Lincoln, General Manager, New Mexico Interactive

The Background

The New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) previously required automobile dealerships to purchase cardboard temp tags from the Dealer License Bureau. These cardboard tags did not include an expiration date, which made them easy to replicate and introduce fraud. Additionally, temp tag information was not stored in a motor vehicle database, so law enforcement could not validate vehicle data when a driver was stopped.

The Solution

In partnership with NIC, the Vehicle Registration Suite (VRS) was implemented as a mandated solution, requiring any entity that sells, displays, or transports a vehicle in New Mexico to use the VRS system. It is a subscription-based system that requires authorized users to meet usage requirements and sign a registration agreement. It runs Tax Lien and NCIC checks and requires owner and vehicle data to be entered for each tag purchased and used. This enables the MVD to track, monitor, and control tag inventory.

The Results

The new VRS has streamlined interactions between businesses, citizens and the state. Since its launch in 2011, over $4.3 million in new revenue has been generated for the state and fraudulent use and forgery of vehicle temporary tags has been significantly reduced. Plus, law enforcement can now quickly validate owner and vehicle information as needed.