Case Study 

Simplifying the voter registration process


“The benefits of our NEReg2Vote online registration project were many, including: mobile device access; greater accuracy and completeness of applications; elimination of paper forms and mailing costs; helpful optional information from registrants to improve cross-checking and verification; and more immediate access by election officials to the new electronic registrations compared to mailed applications.”

– John Gale, Secretary of State

The Background

The Nebraska Secretary of State’s office has responsibility over elections, business registrations, occupational licensing, state rules and regulations, records management, international relations, and youth civics programs. The Elections Division within the office recognized a challenge in having only paper processes in place for citizens to register to vote or update their current voter information.

The Solution

In collaboration with NIC, the bilingual voter registration application, NEReg2Vote, was launched. The application allows Nebraska constituents to register to vote, find a polling location, change their address, declare a party affiliation, or update their name and information all in one convenient, mobile- friendly system. One of the service’s most innovative elements is its capability to interact seamlessly with other agencies. NEReg2Vote captures a user’s information and authenticates that information against the DMV database. Once the voter’s identity is confirmed, registration data is submitted electronically to the Secretary of State’s voter information database held by a third-party vendor.

The Results

With Nebraska’s goal of facilitating citizen engagement, removing voting obstacles, and maintaining readiness to vote, the application has been wildly successful. The award-winning application has had 50.6 percent of the voters utilize the online application instead of the paper process. Voter engagement within the first 24 hours of launching was marked at 870 completed submissions, and within the first full calendar year of launch more than 42,500 new online registrations and more than 98,800 edits to existing voter information has been performed.