Case Study 

Assisting drivers in planning travel destination routes


Very elegant, well-organized and easy to use. Street cams are A+, great app.

– ​MDOTTraffic User

The Background

Before the launch of the mobile applications, users were only able to access traffic features by visiting Mississippi Department of Transportation’s (MDOT),, from their web browser. While many mobile phones have a web browser, information was difficult to view and navigate. Additionally, users began to expect to receive information and real-time notifications from their favorite applications on their mobile device.

The Solution

MDOT recognized a need for an accompanying mobile application to the existing MDOTTraffic website. In partnership with NIC, the MDOTTraffic iPhone and Android applications were launched and provide users a convenient and quick avenue to access the features of on the go. Citizens and visitors driving through the state can now receive real-time traffic alerts via text or email, based on user location. The applications also provide live camera feeds from an extensive list of nearly 400 cameras and users can customize driving radiuses to tailor alerts and notifications to specific routes.

The Results

Since launch, the MDOTTraffic iPhone and Android applications have been downloaded over 106,000 times. Users who download the application were also more inclined to access the existing MDOTTraffic website on their desktop at work or at home, which decreased the number of support and traffic-related calls to the department by over 10 percent. Additionally, the influx of users to the website has resulted in an increase in the number of subscribers to MDOT’s suite of traffic services.