Case Study 

Eliminating the lengthy product label registration process for business


The original paper process for submitting label information had become cumbersome and time-consuming for both the industry and our staff. Allowing product information to be submitted through an online application was the perfect solution to create efficiencies for the bureau, and most importantly, the industry.”

– Tim Poulin, Deputy Director, Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations

The Background

The Maine Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages & Lottery Operations (BABLO) is responsible for reviewing and approving the beer and wine products distributed within the state. The process, supported by only two staff members, was entirely paper-based and required a large amount of supporting documentation, often exceeding four to five printed pages for each registration. This resulted in extended processing times and increased time to market for the approximately 25,000 product registrations per year.

The Solution

In collaboration with NIC, the Wine & Malt Beverage Label Registration online service was developed to provide members of the alcoholic beverages industry with a more efficient means of conducting business with the state. The key goals of the first phase were to improve the business process for the industry and to streamline BABLO’s internal processes to create efficiencies and cost savings. The information is instantly stored within a centralized database and BABLO is notified when a registration has been submitted to mark the registration as “approved” or “denied.”

The Results

Product registrations can now be submitted and approved the same day. In addition, feedback regarding the approval status of a product can now be received within 24 hours of the registration submission. The
new online service has added efficiencies to both sides of the process, has improved communication, and allows the users to get their products to the market quicker.