Case Study 

Streamlining the certification process for medical marijuana


“Allowing certifications to be submitted through an online service was the perfect solution to create efficiencies for DLRS and, most importantly, providers and patients.”

– Dan Andrews, General Manager,

The Background

Maine physicians required a standardized process for issuing medical marijuana certifications to patients. The Department of Health and Human Services Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services (DLRS) also needed a way to accurately provide metrics to the Maine State Legislature. The process for issuing certifications was based on a template that DLRS would supply to the providers. The template was customizable and had the potential for fraudulent certificates to be created if it were to get into the wrong hands.

The Solution

In collaboration with NIC, the Medical Marijuana Certification service was implemented. The service has created a streamlined certification process and eliminates DLRS from the provider/patient relationship. The chosen solution also standardizes the process, so that medical providers are all issuing certifications in the same way. To avoid unauthorized access, the service queries the state’s online licensing system (ALMS) when a physician logs in to ensure their license is active and in good standing. An administrative service is also available to DLRS for the purposes for running usage and statistic reports for any given physician, date range, or location by county.

The Results

DLRS now has a much clearer understanding of how many certifications are being issued and accurate geographic statistics that can be easily reported to the Legislature. The service keeps patient information private and has provided many benefits to both providers and patients.