Case Study 

Helping drivers make informed decisions about navigating the roads


“Hey, I love the app and website. I am in Little Rock trying to see if I need to leave work and head home (Pine Bluff) before the roads get too bad. Thank you!”

– IDrive Arkansas User

The Background

Arkansas voters approved highway financing ballot measures to kick off 10-15 years of road construction. With the increased road construction, the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) needed an efficient way to communicate information about the status of projects and real-time road conditions to drivers in the state. Previously, the AHTD relied on media outlets to broadcast road construction information and road map PDFs displaying highway road construction zones.

The Solution

In partnership with NIC, IDrive Arkansas was launched. It is a cloud-based interactive highway map that presents real-time highway travel and weather conditions. It helps drivers make informed decisions about navigating the roads. Anyone with a mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer can use IDrive Arkansas to get an overall understanding of what is happening on the highways. At a glance, IDrive Arkansas shows Arkansas highway construction zones and timelines for project completion. Highways are color-coded to show traffic flow and a weather radar overlay helps drivers see the impact of storms on traffic.

The Results

IDrive Arkansas is accessed by more than 2.3 million users (that is about 80 percent of Arkansas drivers), with 75 percent of the users accessing the application from a mobile device. IDrive Arkansas has opened the lines of communication between AHTD and drivers in the state. AHTD pushes real-time information so drivers can educate themselves and make informed decisions about their upcoming transportation routes.