Case Study 

Comprehensive system for issuing solicitations, receiving responses, and issuing notices of award


The switchover was extremely easy for partners and vendors alike. We expected calls and emails and problems, but it happened so smoothly, it’s like nothing happened at all.”

– Bonnie Kahakui, SPO eProcurement Manager

The Background

The key problem for the Hawaii State Procurement Office (SPO) was that the existing electronic procurement platform was aging, underutilized, and difficult to use. SPO needed a robust and scalable web-based solution that empowered users via ease-of-use, mobile capabilities, and high levels of user support.

The Solution

SPO launched HIePRO, in partnership with NIC, as a cost-effective alternative to the aging, underutilized, difficult-to-use system. HIePRO is a complex service that centralizes and manages the Hawaii procurement process via a series of components tailored to the very different needs of the procurement user base. The mobile-first approach puts the system and the information in the hands of the people who need it, when they need it. Numerous process steps have been streamlined and enhanced, producing a consistently positive user experience and making the service both useable and accessible.

The Results

HIePRO users regularly and consistently comment on the ease of use of the service and have now become part of the collaborative fabric by requesting new features or subtle adjustments for future consideration. HIePRO was developed at no cost to the SPO, which was an estimated cost avoidance of $403,000 for the initial development of this service. The total communication inquiries made via HIePRO’s communication channels were 70 percent lower than the initial projections and continue to be much lower than the most conservative targets.