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Connecting Regulators, Patients, and Caregivers is critical to the success of any medical marijuana program. NIC Licensing provides an intuitive platform for Patients and Caregivers to stay in compliance with state regulations.  Applicants can easily upload required supporting documents, respond to application questions, and make payments.  The NIC Licensing Regulator portal allows program staff to efficiently review applications and provide proactive updates on the status of applications.


NIC Licensing provides a robust system to track and manage a wide range of license types including cultivators, processors, dispensaries, testing laboratories, and more. Unlike other business licensing software, NIC Licensing was designed specifically for medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, and hemp programs. Stakeholders can easily apply for a new license, submit updates (such as a change in location), and renew licenses. Our streamlined, workflow-driven approval process allows regulators to process new business applications rapidly and effectively.


In many markets, regulations require that employees of marijuana businesses be vetted and credentialed with the State.  NIC Licensing’s employee credentialing module provides a simple and seamless registration process.  Regulators can easily track and manage employee applications and keep tabs on employees that have already been credentialed.  NIC Licensing can easily integrate with most ID printers for a seamless, end to end experience.  The system also integrates with seed-to-sale and other third party systems.