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Our digital government and payment processing solutions transform the way federal agencies serve their constituents, often at little or no cost to the government.


In this digital age, we all expect a great user experience online. Should it come as a surprise that citizens and businesses alike demand the same streamlined, innovative digital experiences from government agencies? Of course not. That is why we have just one focus: to modernize how citizens and businesses interact with the services the government provides.



Digital Solutions Uniquely Built for Government

We deliver the true power of digital government by placing the needs of citizens and businesses at the center of every digital experience we create. Therefore, our comprehensive approach to digital government service delivery drives long-term modernization, innovation, and continuous improvement to support evolving citizen expectations.


Government Payment Processing Reimagined

Our Payments Platform is a complete ecosystem of payment technologies and support services designed to help government agencies deliver a modern payment experience. Most importantly, it allows agencies to manage the payments lifecycle while providing them the necessary tools to securely engage, transact, and disburse funds.


Transaction-based Contracting for Service Delivery

Using transaction fees to deliver digital services, often called transaction-based contracting in the federal government, reduces government’s reliance on appropriations, thus it allows agencies to dedicate more time and resources to their missions. By funding the digital services using modest transaction fees, our digital government and payment processing solutions minimize risks and costs and ensure modernization objectives are met.


In addition:

  • Fees create a funding stream that powers continuous enhancement of the service
  • Industry is incentivized to build modern digital services quickly and drive adoption rates
  • No ongoing maintenance costs or change orders needed to address evolving needs



5 Surefire Ways to Improve Your Government Payments System


Experience the Future of Digital Government and Payment Processing 

For more information about how we can help modernize citizen and business interactions at your agency, contact us at or 703-841-6396.


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