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  • Technology Makes it Easier to Enjoy Great Outdoors Month®

    By NIC Inc. | | Posted in Outdoor Solutions

    For many Americans, summer means plans for long sunny days spent outside with family and friends. Whether for a cross-country road trip to a national park, a weekend adventure camping, fishing, and boating at a state park, or a day spent hiking or biking closer to home, people are ready to escape the indoors. June is Great Outdoors Month®, and states across the U.S. are encouraging citizens to get out and enjoy this beautiful country. 

    These summertime adventures to public lands are more accessible than ever. Tech solutions allow outdoor enthusiasts to prepare for their next adventure and access the great outdoors with ease.

    In Mississippi, the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks makes getting and staying outdoors simple and convenient by offering auto-renewal of digital licenses to all annual license holders. Mississippi outdoorspeople, both resident and non-resident, no longer need to make a stop on their way out for the first trip of the season. Instead, they can opt in for the new automatic renewal service, whether their license was initially purchased online or not, and view their license from their phone or computer.

    New Jersey citizens and visitors do not have to visit a park office or mail in a form to purchase a New Jersey State Park Pass anymore. Through NIC’s YourPassNow, residents and non-residents alike can purchase an annual pass to the Garden State’s 47 state parks, beautiful beaches, historic sites, recreation areas, and miles of trails anytime, from the convenience of their mobile phone.

    Online camping permits make planning a camping trip with friends and family quick and easy in Maine, Wisconsin, Hawaii, and New Jersey. Campers can escape the indoors for an overnight adventure and join thousands of Americans for the Great American Campout on June 22. 

    There’s nothing quite like taking in the vastness of Grand Canyon National Park for the first time, looking up at the towering walls of granite in Yosemite, hiking along one of the meandering rivers in Glacier National Park, or experiencing the first bit of daybreak in America from Acadia National Park. A trip to explore the awesome beauty of one of America’s national parks should be on everyone’s summer bucket list. YourPassNow takes the stress out of planning and provides a new level of recreation access with electronic passes and permits to some of America’s most popular public lands.

    Thanks to digital solutions, outdoor adventures have never been more convenient. Whether planning a daytrip close to home, an overnight stay, or an epic summer trip, NIC technology can help citizens across the country #EscapeTheIndoors this June and experience Great Outdoors Month.

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