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  • Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Keeping Cloud Data Safe

    By NIC Inc. | | Posted in Cybersecurity

    October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and NIC is focused on promoting smart and secure practices to keep data safe. Storing government data in the cloud opens organizations up to new kinds of cyberthreats, and our top priority is to keep our partners’ sites and services, and their constituents’ information safe.

    NIC Chief Security Officer Jayne Friedland Holland recently explained in Government Technology four important measures agencies can take to keep cloud data secure:

    When news of the latest government data breach breaks, most will conjure up images of nefarious hackers exploiting networking vulnerabilities. For others, their thoughts may turn to agencies relying on aging IT systems that cannot withstand a legitimate fight against today’s cyberthreats.

    However, there is a new breed of data breaches developing, aimed at the cloud storage buckets offered by 
    AmazonGoogleMicrosoft and other cloud vendors. These compromises take place when organizations alter rules determining who has access to shares or documents that open the door for unauthorized users to access data stored in cloud services. 

    These “leaking buckets” of data are a widely overlooked security risk that goes unnoticed until disaster strikes. It is time to acknowledge that achieving a quick transition to the cloud can no longer be prioritized over security. 

    Read the rest of her steps to protect cloud data in Government Technology.

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