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  • Earth Day: Doing Our Part to Conserve and Protect

    By NIC Inc. | | Posted in Digital Government Solutions

    Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day — a day to bring awareness to ways we can all do our part to conserve and protect our Earth. NIC teams and our government partners have been providing digital services for constituents for 26 years, but these services have also been helping us conserve and protect our environment.

    Did you know that one tree makes about 8,333 sheets of paper? Or that for every 10 minutes your engine is off, you'll prevent one pound of carbon dioxide from being released? To celebrate this Earth Day, let’s highlight just a few examples of many where NIC partners and teams that are doing their part to save the Earth. 

    • U.S. insurance companies nationwide can do their part by submitting insurance forms online in an effort to save paper. Filing online is the most efficient way to get the job done and can even save insurance companies and states time and money. The National Online Registries (NOR) Motor Carrier Information Exchange (MCInfo) is a service that provides greater transparency to motor carrier insurers by facilitating the transmission of insurance filings online and tracking them through the approval process. Insurance companies and agents can file forms online at with participating states electronically. 
    • In Louisiana, there is no need to burn fuel to drive to the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) when many of their commonly used services are available online. The Louisiana OMV maintains to keep lines short and information easily accessible.  Louisiana residents can renew a vehicle registration, order a duplicate vehicle registration, access their official driving record, and much more from anywhere at any time.
    • The Louisiana Department of Health is also using online services to create new conveniences while decreasing their environmental impact.  The newest service provided to residents offers home delivery of water sample kits to test privately owned wells.
    • Nebraska State Patrol Concealed Handgun Permit application which provides users the opportunity to renew, update, or replace a handgun permit online. Less paper and paper processing mean more trees in the ground producing clean oxygen! 
    • Also in Nebraska, constituents can update a driver license for commercial drivers or any driver with the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles’ Driver’s License Renew or Replace Application. This service keeps drivers at home or on the road instead of in a DMV branch office.

    It’s time to do your part this Earth Day and every day! NIC will continue to do its part by creating more digital government interactions that people can complete from home, on a computer or using a mobile application. Contact us at to see how NIC can help you be more “green.”

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