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  • YourPassNow: Bringing Convenience to Public Lands

    By NIC Inc. | | Posted in Blogs

    With Spring right around the corner, citizens are already planning their summer vacations. Most will go online to find transportation, book a place to stay, and learn about the activities offered. In today’s digital world, citizens expect the convenience of technology. And now, National Parks visitors can purchase their entrance passes in advance online or on their mobile device with YourPassNow. Used by the National Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service, YourPassNow offers a convenient, mobile-friendly way for visitors to avoid the hassle of waiting in line and have a stress-free experience when planning their trip.  

    Citizens can purchase park entrance passes anytime, anywhere straight from their smartphone. A typical YourPassNow transaction takes about 90 seconds to complete. The transaction generates a digital bar code that can be kept on a personal mobile device or printed. Passes can be used immediately or stored for later use.

    YourPassNow initially started as a pilot program with the National Park Service, and today it is being used by nine federal lands, with Yellowstone National Park joining earlier this month. Built to scale, YourPassNow can easily be adopted by any federal, state, or local agency responsible for managing public lands.

    Public lands using YourPassNow have seen increased revenues, which are needed to protect and maintain our nation’s public lands. They have also benefitted from the ability to detect and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse through a credential validation feature, which can be used in remote areas with no internet access. Not only does YourPassNow provide added convenience for citizens, but it is also adding efficiencies for park staff as well. Park rangers can simply scan the digital bar code for verification in a matter of seconds.

    More than 275 million visitors* will experience the National Parks this year, and even more will travel to state and local parks. Public lands can quickly start delivering on the convenience these park-goers expect by adopting YourPassNow today. To learn more, visit


    *according to the National Park Service

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