A Comprehensive Solution for your Licensing Needs


Whether your state legalized medical marijuana more than a decade ago, or just last year, NIC’s platform provides a modern, comprehensive solution to your regulatory needs:

  • A modular system that can be configured for your state’s specific requirements

  • Integrates seamlessly with third-party seed-to-sale solutions

  • Cloud-native technology allows for quick deployment, upgrades with no downtime

  • Offered by a trusted provided that has been leading digital government for 25+ years

It is a flexible system that can expand for other highly regulated industries.

Business Licensing
Business Licensing

Issues new licenses and license renewals to businesses involved in the growing, processing, distributing, and dispensing of cannabis.

Patient and Caregiver Registration

Patient and Caregiver Registrations

Processes new applications, issues patient renewals, and allows patients to update their information.

Employee Credentialing
Employee Credentialing

Registers employees of the cannabis industry, as typically required by state law. Also allows state government regulators to track and manage cannabis industry employees.


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