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The Falling Branch area of Rocks State Park in Maryland is a 67-acre parcel in Harford County with a waterfall named Kilgore Falls. Over time, Kilgore Falls has become a very popular outdoor recreation destination, especially for day-use recreationists.
So popular, in fact, the area was turning away an average of 300 vehicles on busy summer weekends
— 375 on the busiest.
Due to that popularity and space issues stemming from the area’s 30-vehicle parking lot, the amount of visitors who were turned away would often cause traffic issues on rural roads and queue long lines. This, in turn, prompted off-street parking, walk-ins and drop-offs. Neighbors began to complain about illegal parking, heavy traffic and speeding, and unfortunately, confrontations with park staff were not uncommon, with disputes occurring over parking and access. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) realized it needed a fix, and it needed it fast.


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