The nation's first personal assistant for government

Gov2Go brings together all citizen interactions with all levels of government on one platform.

Tracking down annual government responsibilities can be stressful and confusing. When does a vehicle registration or professional license need to be renewed? Where does a citizen go to vote?

Gov2Go is the nation’s first personal assistant for government. It learns about a person’s civic responsibilities, tracks those interactions, notifies them about an upcoming renewal or payment, and offers thumbprint payment login and simple one-click payments to complete the transaction.

Simple, smart government service – that’s Gov2Go.


Gov2Go is Citizen-Centric, Easy for Government to Adopt and Proven to Work

Citizens Want an Easier Way to Interact with Government 
Gov2Go puts the citizen at the center of government. No more searching out when things are due, which agency to contact, or which level of government. With Gov2Go, government becomes a single entity for the citizen and personalized, timely, and relevant reminders are sent directly to the citizen.

Scalable, Secure, and Simple to Implement

Gov2Go integrates with the government’s existing online services and backend systems. All that’s required is an API. The platform bridges the IT infrastructures of individual departments and agencies – no reconfiguration is necessary. The platform keeps each government's data distinct with separate encryption. And, the platform uses NIC's PCI-compliant payment infrastructure to securely process transactions.

Available in all 50 States; Used by Americans Coast-to-coast
National services are available in all 50 states, and governments across the U.S. are adding unique services to the platform so citizens can access government more conveniently. In fact, more than 20 percent of all adults in Arkansas receive notifications from Gov2Go today.


Gov2Go Features

Government notifications are highly relevant and personalized

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Secure and Convenient e-wallet

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Built for technology of today and tomorrow

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Built for technology of today and tomorrow

Access Gov2Go a variety of ways – using the mobile-responsive site, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and a mobile app. Plus, new technology is constantly being added, with chatbots and conversational user interface using voice-command systems like Alexa and Cortana coming soon.


Gov2Go's Convenient e-wallet

  • Provides secure, biometric, thumbprint login
  • Uses NIC's PCI-compliant payment infrastructure, which securely processes more than $25 billion annually
  • Stores various payment methods
  • Displays payment history
  • Completes transactions with one-click payments - similar to popular online retail sites

With just a few simple questions, an individual creates a profile on Gov2Go. Then, all of the services on Gov2Go that meet their needs are displayed, and the individual will receive timely notifications throughout the year. See how it works:  

mary citizen

Gov2Go knows that Sara is a mom of
two teenagers, a nurse, and where she
votes. With four cars in the family, Gov2Go
makes it easy for Sara to register all four
cars on time, renew her nursing license, and reminds her to vote. 

Ben accepted a last-minute invitation to go
fishing with his friend. He shows up at the
dock and forgot to get a fishing license. He launches Gov2Go and uses his securely
stored payment information to purchase
a license with just one click. 

ben fishing



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