Case Study 01

Delivering Enterprise Payment Processing on a Large Scale with

With a 2013 population of more than 26 million people, Texas represents more than 8% of the entire US population and is home to three of the 10 largest metropolitan areas in the country. NIC’s payment processing engagement in Texas is the largest state public-private eGovernment partnership in the US. Since inception, has: 

• Securely processed more than 204 million online transactions on behalf of more than 100 state and local agencies.
• Collected more than $31 billion in state and local revenue. 

The collection, disbursement, and tracking of all funds within the State of Texas are managed via a custom accounting system called the Uniformed Statewide Accounting System (USAS). NIC was tasked with implementing its Payment Engine for ecommerce and integrating it with USAS while ensuring that there would not be any disruption in service to agencies nor changes to the State Comptroller’s Office.

The NIC Payment Engine was fully integrated with USAS in a four-month period with no disruption to Texas’ payment services. The integration included both the legacy USAS system as well as the State’s PeopleSoft application.