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G​ov2Go is a national platform developed by NIC that provides citizens one-stop access to digital government services. Offering a personalized user experience across all devices, G​ov2Go allows citizens to quickly and efficiently conduct business with all levels of government. 

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Traditional government-centric service delivery makes citizens responsible for finding, scheduling, executing, and tracking their government interactions. Gov2Go eliminates this complexity by providing a seamless, one-stop-shop for services spanning all levels of government. This makes it easy for consumers to find digital services, make payments, and receive reminders on any mobile device for important “trigger events” like renewal deadlines. 


Digital government’s biggest challenge is that citizens do not understand how it is structured, making it difficult to quickly find services and information. NIC has developed G​ov2Go, a national platform that eliminates government scavenger hunts and silos while providing a personalized user experience that helps them easily check things off their to-do lists—things like paying property taxes, renewing vehicle tags, and requesting records.


Gov2Go makes it easy for citizens to interact with all levels of government:

  • Build and manage their user profiles
  • Store key information to eliminate duplicate data entry for transactions
  • Track and schedule required government interactions
  • Receive timeline notifications and reminders
  • Conduct one-click transactions 


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Ensuring Success for Our Government Partners

The key focus of the NIC Strategic Partnership Team is to build mutually beneficial relationships with third-party companies that provide valuable services and products for our government partners.

Existing Strategic Partnerships

NIC has over a dozen existing relationships with valued companies who provide services and solutions such as:

  • Backend and Online Business Licensing Solutions
  • Call Center Services
  • Identity Verification Services
  • Public Communication Services

Interested in forming a Strategic Partnership with NIC?

Each third-party company is thoroughly vetted and only companies who are willing to forge a long-term mutually beneficial relationship are included in the NIC Strategic Alliance Portfolio.

If you are interested in learning more about the NIC Strategic Partnership Program, please contact us.