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When faced with unexpected office closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some government offices scrambled to figure out how to continue serving citizens from afar. One of the keys to continuity during the pandemic has been centralized scheduling.

The benefits of centralized scheduling for government are certainly far reaching during a crisis, but they’re also beneficial for conducting everyday business activities. With the right solution, centralized scheduling helps establish expectations for agencies and those they serve, improve overall citizen experience and find a new, comfortable normal moving forward. Here’s how:

Manage traffic and crowd limits

With the COVID-19 pandemic came social distancing and safety, and with that, a need to manage foot traffic in public buildings. Enabling appointment scheduling helps to manage the planned amount of foot traffic within a government office and eliminates overcrowded waiting rooms. In addition, better management of traffic increases customer satisfaction by allowing staff to maintain a more manageable workload.

When TeleGov was implemented in the Mississippi Department of Public Safety’s “Skip the Line” program, wait times for services dropped to under 15 minutes, further increasing positive customer experience and, most importantly, ensuring safer in-office conditions.

For centralized scheduling with all these benefits and more, consider TeleGov®, NIC’s SaaS appointment scheduling solution. The platform is configurable across all government agencies, departments and services, and it supports key government functions with flexible customization.

Empower citizen self-service and increase customer satisfaction

A centralized scheduling system not only gives government agencies the ability to schedule more accurately, but also empowers citizen self-service. TeleGov utilizes self-service forms and payment processing while scheduling, so citizens can complete some steps beforehand, streamlining the service itself. Staff can also view the services citizens are needing to complete in the appointment details, which helps them anticipate visit requirements and decrease transaction turnaround times.

In addition, the scheduling platform provides a powerful way to communicate with citizens. TeleGov relays automated reminders and messages to citizens in the event of changes such as weather closures. This, in turn sets citizen expectations and provides a sense of normalcy against unexpected crises when government offices need to close quickly.

Complete transactions quickly and more efficiently

As well as citizen self-service, a centralized scheduling system enables citizens to always arrive prepared with the necessary documents. This eliminates multiple trips by providing the correct, relevant information to the citizen upon scheduling.

Using TeleGov, customers can also securely pay for services beforehand, saving time for both customers and staff. NIC’s payment processing software is PCI Level One Compliant, integrates seamlessly with agency systems, and provides best-in-class customer support and performance reporting tools.

Allow staff to focus on serving customers

When technology and automation run seamlessly, the administrative burden is reduced – which frees up staff time to focus on customer service. TeleGov creates appointment windows for services which streamlines workflows and better manages different responsibilities.

Seamless in-person and virtual appointments

Centralized scheduling allows for both in-person and secure virtual appointments using Microsoft Teams, both of which can be scheduled through the same easy process.

In times of crisis, technology and automation allow for valuable in-person and virtual appointments. TeleGov’s digital appointment, forms management and payment features allow agencies to function from anywhere, proving to be an extremely valuable tool.

TeleGov was designed to support every state, city, county and municipality, and is directly aligned with government efforts to operate safely and continue serving populations. To learn more about TeleGov, visit

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