Case Study 04


Executive Summary


eGovernment is only successful if the convenient online services are used by citizens and businesses. Getting the word out is important. This is where NIC helps. Typically, NIC incurs all of the costs to develop, implement, and manage the marketing campaigns, which include tactics such as traditional advertising, social media campaigns, and public relations events that help drive awareness of eGovernment services and ultimately increase the number of online transactions.


New Solution


Two portals in particular, Texas and Colorado, are helping their respective motor vehicle agencies increase online drivers’ licenses and vehicle registration renewals.

Texas Online Renewals: The Fastest Way to Renew and Relax

In Texas, the Department of Public Safety and the Division of Motor Vehicle determined that the greatest efficiencies could come from increasing online adoption of each agency‘s most common service – driver license renewal and vehicle registration renewal, respectively. Each year, more than 13.4 million Texans renew their driver’s license and more than 21.9 million vehicles are registered in the state.

Since 2010, NIC’s Texas team has developed and managed a comprehensive public awareness campaign to drive online adoption of these two services. Campaign tactics included a specialized campaign landing page, online and interactive TV advertising, broadcast TV advertising, public relations events, media relations, public service announcements, and social media.

Every year, the campaign taglines are crafted to portray the brand’s ‘smart with a smile’ approach of instilling confidence in online government services while keeping the message light-hearted and memorable. In 2013, the tagline was “the fastest way to renew and relax,” implying that is a simple, quick way to take care of government business. This message was included across all advertising and PR mediums.

Colorado: Meet Guy Vroom

In Colorado, the Division of Motor Vehicles not only wanted to increase online adoption of driver’s license renewals, they also needed a way to increase the number of Colorado drivers who registered to become an organ donor. With limited funds, office banners were the only way they were able to promote online renewals in the past.

NIC’s Colorado team developed a marketing communications campaign with a character at its core, “Guy Vroom,” who led the charge as a mullet-wearing ‘dude’ stuck in the 1980s. The joke was that Guy Vroom still looks the way he does, because he continues to renew his driver’s license online and therefore can keep his old photo, circa 1985. 

The campaign featured Guy Vroom on direct mail pieces, public service announcements (which also featured Governor John Hickenlooper and were produced with the Colorado Film School), social media, posters, advertising, public relations, and events. One campaign tactic included Guy Vroom appearing in the annual Parade of Lights, a favorite holiday tradition in Denver. He rode on the Donate Life Colorado’s “Gift of Life” balloon in the parade, as he continued to promote the message of renewing drivers’ licenses online and saying ‘yes’ to becoming an organ donor.



The Texas campaigns have proven to be successful every year. In a single year:

• Overall online transactions for vehicle registration renewal and driver license renewal increased 16% over the previous year.
• The campaign landing page,, became the third most popular page on, boasting a 63% conversion rate.
• ultimately facilitated more than 256,000 online transactions.

As state budgets tighten, government agencies depend on to help drive online adoption for their services. By encouraging constituents to go online instead of to the office, government partners have better control over their limited resources. They are able to realize cost savings and increased efficiencies, repurpose their personnel to higher-priority initiatives, and better position themselves to provide exceptional customer service.


Guy Vroom has become a recognizable face across Colorado thanks to this campaign.

• Online driver’s license renewals doubled in the state, with 73% of all Colorado residents opting to become an organ donor – now the highest organ donation rate in the United States.
• Online driver license renewals increased 150% from 2010 to mid-2014, with approximately 69% of all eligible Colorado Drivers Licensees renewing online.
• In addition, the campaign uncovered that those renewing online are more likely to become an organ donor than those renewing at the driver’s license office, and they are more likely to donate to the Donate Life Colorado non-profit organization.

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