Case Study 03


Executive Summary


Without a seamless online suite of services linking citizens and businesses with the courts system there can be challenges. When court processes are manual, attorneys package and mail or physically deliver case filings to clerks; clerks manually input and process payments; and citizens appear in person to request records. At NIC, we worked with our state government partners to find convenient, online solutions to automate and bring efficiencies to these processes.


New Solution

Nebraska: Convenience with e-Filing and e-Payments

NIC’s Nebraska team helped bring a unique solution to the Nebraska Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) by developing an efficient and flexible e-Filing online service. 

In the past, small firms had to hire a runner, due to lack of in-house personnel to deliver court documents. Larger firms had to mail paper filings, or physically deliver case filings to the clerk. 

NIC’s Nebraska team worked together with AOC to provide an online solution that includes:
• Online case search functionality for nearly all court jurisdictions,
• Details on parties, actions, etc.,
• Viewing case documents filed over-the-counter, scanned by clerks, and e-filed documents,
• Filing online 24/7/365.

Previously, making a court payment required having to physically make a trip to the court office that could be miles away, followed by waiting in line to interact with a clerk who then had to manually input and process the payment. Our Nebraska team and their government partner provided citizens new convenience with the new e-Payments online service.

The new and improved process:

• Uses an internet application which communicates with the state’s case management database,
• Allows users to choose which fees to pay and in what amounts,
• Allows users to securely pay by credit card or check, and issues a receipt after the data is inserted into the courts system.

Kansas: Simplistic Approach with Mobile e-Search


The Kansas District Court Records Search, originally developed a decade ago, has been enhanced to allow online searches of district court records from all 105 Kansas counties. For a small efficiency fee, citizens and businesses can search all available records online. The court record search service is also mobile-enabled for quick searching on mobile devices.

As a result, while retaining the all of its original benefits and functionality, the new mobile friendly service has also added:
• A streamlined look and feel for both desktop and mobile device users,
• A simplistic approach leading users straight to the details of each court case eliminating unnecessary steps,
• And the ability to search each court over a given period of time.





• From a baseline of zero in 2008, the number of e-File subscribers in the state has risen to 3,590, and counting,
• The percentage of e-Filed court documents has increased 20% over the previous year, for a total increase of 409% over the past five years,
• The number of court e-Payments has increased 12 % over the previous year, for a total of 105% over the previous four years.



• The Kansas District Court Records Search has become one of’s top applications and an award winning service,
• The total number of mobile searches increased 59% in just over one year.

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