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News and Insights from NIC Inc.

  • A Tradition of Service: Citizen and Team of the Year

    By NIC Inc. |

    "We truly aspire to do all we can for our communities and we celebrate those employees who embrace this core part of our culture."- CEO Harry Herington. At NIC, serving the community is ingrained into who we are. Whether it is sorting food at the foo...

  • NIC Makes the Difference

    By NIC Inc. |

    On a Wednesday afternoon at NIC you would expect to find employees at their desks, hard at work on their computers. So why, then, was there a pizza party with all of the employees in appreciation for the CEO, Harry Herington? Because he makes a diffe...

  • Just Ask Alexa: Government at the Sound of a Command

    By Sara Watts |

    In just six months, more than 850 Amazon Echo Skills for Alexa were launched. People are ordering pizzas, requesting Ubers, getting their Fitbit stats, and finding travel deals. But interacting with state government was not on the list – until ...