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  • Is Your State Protected Against DDoS Attacks?

    By NIC Inc. |

    According to Akamai’s State of the Internet Security Report, there is a 125 percent increase in DDoS attacks year after year. Cyber threats are increasing, and with every state government experiencing an attempted or successful cyber invasion l...

  • A Tradition of Service: Citizen and Team of the Year

    By NIC Inc. |

    "We truly aspire to do all we can for our communities and we celebrate those employees who embrace this core part of our culture."- CEO Harry Herington. At NIC, serving the community is ingrained into who we are. Whether it is sorting food at the foo...

  • NIC Makes the Difference

    By NIC Inc. |

    On a Wednesday afternoon at NIC you would expect to find employees at their desks, hard at work on their computers. So why, then, was there a pizza party with all of the employees in appreciation for the CEO, Harry Herington? Because he makes a diffe...