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  • 2015 Tech Conference

    By Jeff Shaw |

    As the founders of eGovernment, creating new services is part of our daily life. Our IT teams work everyday to consider changes in technology and brainstorm how we can utilize those advancements to establish new services for our partners. This daily ...

  • Champions of Business

    By Harry Herington |

    As the CEO standing at the forefront of NIC, earning recognition for what we do always makes me proud. This year, our company was honored once again with the “Champions of Business” award by the Kansas City Business Journal. This award is...

  • Do you know what a DDoS is?

    By Jayne Friedland Holland |

    Do you know what a DDoS is? It stands for “distributed denial of service attack,”and unfortunately they are becoming more and more common. In fact this type of cyber attack happens around the globe every single day. During a DDoS attack, ...