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  • 2017 Marketing Conference: Building Meaningful Relationships

    By NIC Inc. |

    One of our founding principles that has guided our work for the past 25 years is to be the best partner government has ever had. Just last month, NIC employees from around the country met for our annual Marketing Conference to discuss and collaborate on that very topic: building meaningful relationships with our partners, and each other, and delivering on our promise to provide value.

    As the R&D shop for government, our partners expect us to navigate the latest emerging technology and help them leverage it for their constituents. With buzzwords such as cloud, blockchain, and virtual reality being tossed around the tech community, we discussed what these could mean for our government partners and how we can help them find meaningful uses for these technologies in government. This means that when the technology takes off, such as autonomous vehicles, we’ll be informed to help our partners prepare for the challenges and opportunities it could bring, which puts them on the leading edge of technology.

    Being successful as a company is about more than just cutting edge technology. It’s also about the relationships we form with each other. Over the three-day conference, NIC employees from around the country were able to meet new faces, collaborate with their peers from across the country, and catch up with old friends. The true spirit and energy in the room came from the excitement of building relationships across the NIC family. 

    The 2017 Marketing Conference provided us with opportunities to strengthen our relationships with our partners as well as each other. It’s these very relationships that have built our 25-year legacy and that will continue to be the foundation of our success for the next 25 years. 

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