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  • A Tradition of Service: Citizen and Team of the Year

    By NIC Inc. |

    "We truly aspire to do all we can for our communities and we celebrate those employees who embrace this core part of our culture.- CEO Harry Herington. 

    At NIC, serving the community is ingrained into who we are. Whether it is sorting food at the food kitchen, or volunteering with Special Olympics, our employees love getting involved in the community. 

    Some individuals go above and beyond when it comes to serving their communities. NIC wants to recognize those who do an exemplary job of showcasing our culture and values in their everyday lives. That is why we created the Citizen of the Year and Team of the Year awards. These awards honor the individual and the team that is truly committed to service and works continuously to improve their local communities. 

    Last year’s Citizen of the Year, Robb Beaman, contributed more than 300 hours to his community. His focus was on promoting activism and improving social welfare for his home state of North Carolina. Last year’s Team of the Year, NIC Federal, was passionate about serving veterans and their families. It’s not just a couple of hours here and there, but a lifestyle of volunteering.

    Linda HaneyThis year, the tradition continued. Linda Haney, recently nominated as the 2016 Citizen of the Year, donated over 340 hours to her community and Corporate ETS, 2016 Team of the Year, contributed more than 600 hours to the community. 

    With a passion for pet therapy, Linda believes that small, one-on-one interactions have the power to change lives. In addition to enriching lives with her dog, Elphie, Linda also supports the local arts community and assists seniors in maximizing their healthcare experience. 

    Through the collaboration of multiple employees, Corporate ETS sorted hundreds of pounds of food to help the homeless and children in need. All with a team mentality, they also spent over 120 hours delivering meals to the elderly. This team loves volunteering together so much, that they created their own volunteer committee to plan and organize different events for the team throughout the year. 

    While they don’t do it for the recognition, we want to honor these individuals for their continued support of their communities. They truly are making an impact, and we couldn’t be more proud to have them on our team. We are excited to see how NIC employees continue our tradition of service in the future!​

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