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  • 2015 Tech Conference

    By Jeff Shaw |

    As the founders of eGovernment, creating new services is part of our daily life. Our IT teams work everyday to consider changes in technology and brainstorm how we can utilize those advancements to establish new services for our partners. This daily innovation has led to the creation of 10,000 online services in the past 23 years, with about 500 new ones added each year.  

    Each year, our IT teams reconvene for the annual NIC Tech Conference to share innovative ideas about new services and to enhance their IT skills. This collaboration always leads to exciting new ideas for potential services we can introduce to our partners, and this year was no exception.

    Here are a few examples of what our IT teams came up with during their few days at the conference: 

    • Not only does NIC lead the way in R&D, we are also at the forefront of payment processing, securely managing $20 billion in payments on behalf of government. One concept from the conference was to bring together various data feeds to better gauge at what point a transaction gets tied up, and be able to decipher the cause of the specific hold-up. Using multiple data feeds will lessen transactional hiccups, in turn improving the user experience.
    • We have 30 state partners, and we create unique and customized services and applications to better fit the needs of the communities our government partners serve. We know that collaboration leads to innovation, so our teams created a collaboration application for NIC IT staff to accommodate a community of sharing and portal collaboration. This virtual user group will enable sharing of knowledge and expertise across the organization, satisfying the needs of all NIC techies, no matter their location. 
    • Gov2Go, the personalized digital assistant application that helped be named the best state government website in the U.S. this year, could provide value to all of the citizens across the 30 states we serve. During the conference, teams collaborated to discuss how this new service could be customized for any state’s needs.

    From day one, we sought to apply new technology to government, and we continue that daily innovation everyday on behalf of our partners. Year after year, the Tech Conference brings the best of the best technology employees within our company and immerses them in innovation. Big things are on the horizon! Stay tuned!

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