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  • NIC’s CEO featured in the New York Times

    By NIC Inc. |

    What do the CEOs of California Pizza Kitchen, LinkedIn, and Panera Bread have in common with NIC’s CEO Harry Herington? All of them have been interviewed by reporter Adam Bryant for the ‘Corner Office’ feature in the New York Times.

    The ‘Corner Office’ appears every Sunday in the Business section of the newspaper and includes highlights from conversations the reporter has had with business leaders about leadership and management. NIC’s CEO Harry Herington spoke with Adam about the ‘Ask the CEO’ initiative that Harry created to foster employee engagement at NIC.

    For the past few years, Harry has ridden his Harley-Davidson motorcycle to NIC’s portal locations. He even had the bike shipped to Hawaii and rode into Honolulu. At each stop, Harry facilitates ‘Ask the CEO’ over dinner, allowing employees to ask him both professional and personal questions. He believes face-to-face meetings are the best way to build trust with employees. He likes to keep the setting casual and fun, and tries to be as candid as possible with the employees.

    In the article, Harry says his No. 1 job “…is to set the culture of the company.” Read how important a culture of trust is to Harry and how he works to establish trust with his employees at NIC.

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